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8 pieces of advice to book a cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation

8 bits advice to efficiently, quickly and safely book a cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation


1. Sun tan lotion or strictly sun block?
Looking for a vacation? Ask yourself: are you in an urgent need for some sun, or are you in the mood to wander around in the cafe of Europe. Before looking for a deal, make sure you know where you want to go, or at least where you do not want to go.

2. All inclusive resort or regular hotel room?

All inclusive have the advantage of letting you travel totally worry free (or as close as it can be). Accommodation, food, drinks, entertainment and much more are included in an all inclusive Caribbean package. On the other hand, all inclusive resorts are far from the city. Staying in a regular hotel room or bed and breakfast room will give you the advantages of being in town, therefore allowing you to be closer to the local people, restaurants and shopping areas. However you will have to look and pay for your food, drinks and transportation. If you are looking for a cheaper vacation, a good all inclusive deal can come up less expensive because you are guarantee a fixed cost for the whole trip.

3. Never without my computer!
Many airlines, travel agency and travel websites release on a daily or weekly basis news and updates about last minute deals. Register on their mailing list to have access to all the great deals and discounts on all inclusive Caribbean vacation packages.

4. Flexibility = Cheaper
Surprisingly, one day can have a huge impact on the price of a flight or deal. The same applies for an all inclusive Caribbean package which cost, when taken a few days earlier or a few days later, can vary a lot. Therefore, before booking, play with the departure and arrival dates. Check and find out if you could get a better deal by leaving on a different date.

5. Less tourists = Cheaper
Take advantage of the low season. Note : Low season in the Caribbeans is during Spring and Fall.

Before purchasing a last-minute deal, check the weather and advices to the travelers. Avoid bad weather surprises! It would be a shame to hastly purchase a last minute deal to the Caribbean and to realize they are expecting 2 weeks of heavy rain…

7. Check the expiration date of your passport. Many countries require you to have a valid passport with an expiring no less than 6 months after the data of travel.

8. Don’t forget your vaccins, medications and travel insurance! Being sick out of the country is pretty bad… Being sick out of the country with no travel insurance is worse!

Bon Voyage!

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by: Kandi Harper for cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation

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