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Where to Find Cheap All Inclusive Package Deals

Look for Cheap All Inclusive Package Deals

All inclusive vacations are becoming more and more popular. The reason? We all love the luxury of dropping our luggage at the airport and have a worry-free rest for an entire week. This is not surprising to hear that all-inclusive resorts are booming all over the Caribbean. And with a bigger demand and more options, all inclusive vacations are more affordable than ever. However, most people don’t like the idea of trading a higher quality hotel for a a lesser cost. Obviously, everyone, including myself, wants the best of the two world, the best hotel at the best price. Having traveled the world for work and on my own time, I’ve become an expert regarding finding cheap travel deals. I would like to share with you some of the tricks to find the best cheap all inclusive package deals.

Cheap all inclusive package deals for singles, couples, families

1. Type of resort. Before and above all, before booking any trip, do some research. Don’t pick the first resort. Some all inclusive resorts cater more to a certain type of people or age than others. For example, you have the “couples adults only resorts”. These resorts are great for adults who want nothing to do with crying and screaming children around them. Then there are the “single adults only resorts”. These resorts are great to meet other people. Adults only resorts tend to be more pricey, and if you are on a budget, they may not be for you. If you are traveling with young children, opt for “kids friendly resorts”. These resorts are perfect for families with young children as they often offer kids’ day activities, allowing the parents to relax and the kids to have fun and socialize with other children.

High and low seasons – check for cheap all inclusive package deals and promotions during the low season

2.Time of traveling. You could save a lot of money depending on the time you want to travel. High season (high tourists season) in the Caribbean starts on December 15th and ends Apr 15th. Obviously, you will pay less in the lower season. Keep in mind that in August and September is the hurricane season. But, the high season itself have its high and low peak prices. Prices rises up on December 15th until the end of the holidays, and prices drop in January, and start to rise up again in February. So you are more likely to find cheap all inclusive package deals between those times.

Last minute deals – real cheap all inclusive package deals if you have time flexibility

3. Flexibility. If you have a flexible schedule are able to take time off any time, you could potentially be able to find the most amazing and cheap all inclusive package deals. This is because you open your doors to last minute deals. When charters or hotels aren’t able to fill their sit or rooms, they will do what we call last minute deals, where they try to get people to take advantage of their amazing offers in order to fill the empty spots. An empty spot for them is synonym of revenue loss, and they would rather give you that seat or hotel room at a discount (I’ve seen bargain at 75%!) than have an empty spot.

Cheap all inclusive package deals, look for the types of amenities, facilities, activities

4. Read read read. A deal is not a deal if you don’t get what you want out of it. As I mentioned above, it is in your best interest to pick a resort that suits your needs. Couple, single, families with teenagers, families with young children? Check what amenities there are on the resort, what is included. Do you care for a great beach or are you planning to spend the whole time at the swim-up bar? Are there any sports or activities included for children if you have kids, is there a complimentary nanny service?

Before purchasing a cheap all inclusive Caribbean vacation, make sure to compare lots of cheap all inclusive package deals. Be patient, and check often for last minute deals if you have a flexible schedule, to find the bargain of your life.

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By Kandi Harper, author of  Where to Find Cheap All Inclusive Package Deals at Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation.

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