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How to Get Cheap All Inclusive Vacations

One of the nicest things about the modern age is the prevalence of information. Whatever it is you’re looking for, whether its weather, news, or the latest gossip, information is right at your fingertips. Or more accurately, right at your keyboard. In the past, finding cheap all inclusive vacations was difficult, because that information was only kept and disseminated by the major airlines or your local travel agency. Luckily, the internet has change the game completely and you’re no longer at the whim of greedy companies. Competition is the name of the game, with travel agencies, airlines, and resorts all competing for your dollar.

Now, there are a few tricks to getting a great deal on a vacation and we’ll outline how to go about it. All you’ll need is a computer, or failing that, borrow some time at your local internet cafe or a relatives computer.

First step is to decide what kind of vacation you’re looking for. This is important, because it will dictate what kind of deals are available to you. Are you travelling with kids, someone special, or by yourself?

Now, do you have a preference for destinations? Although each of the Caribbean islands has its own unique culture and atmosphere, if you’re just looking for a sunny beach, then it may be a moot point. Decide what you want out of your vacation, as it may save you money going to a destination that only offers the activities you’re interested in.

How flexible is your schedule? The more flexible the schedule, the better the deals can potentially be. Ideally, you can travel at the drop of a hat, but obviously 99% of travellers don’t have this luxury. Planning your vacation out long in advance and booking early can save you quite a bit of money. For those few of you who can afford to wait and travel at a moments notice, take note of last minute deals, when resorts are looking to cover cancellations.

Look online at airline sites, they often carry package deals and this is a great starting point. Also be sure to visit sites such as, orbitz, and their ilk. They can often mine data from multiple sources, and present you with packages from several companies at once, giving you a clear and easy way to compare deals.

Lastly, visit your local travel agency and inquire about their package deals. This is recommended so that you can ask any questions you might have, and listen to their expertise and recommendations. There is also the opportunity to haggle a bit here, possibly getting them to match or beat prices that you’ve found online.

As you can see, getting cheap all inclusive vacations can be quite involved but the rewards are worth it. Personally, I’ve gotten 5 star resorts for less than half the normal price by flying near the end of high season or travelling on last minute deals. Your mileage may vary, but you might as well try and save some money!

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