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The Trend in Caribbean Vacations for 2010

Need vacation?

Summer is over, days are shorter, nights are cooler, the rainy season is coming, not mentioning the cold season for many! You are overworked, you have dark circles under the eye, you are lacking some vitamin D… All the reason in the world to take some vacations! And not anywhere, in the Caribbean!

But you are thinking, unfortunately, you have a tight budget this year, with all the renos you’ve done on the house during summer, and that expensive gadget you treated yourself with on your birthday… There is no way you can afford going down south this year… Maybe you are right… but mostly you are wrong! As a matter of fact, all-inclusive packages to the Caribbean have become

Reason 1: Following the recession, there has been a 25% reduction in all-inclusive packages to the Caribbean in 2010

Indeed, vacationing in the Caribbean is often much more affordable than one think. The trick is to keep your eyes and ears open, and to look for the right deals. And the good news for you is that with the recent recession, many resorts and hotels are still trying to recuperate from their big losses and attract more tourists by offering amazing deals. As a matter of fact, many experts are predicting a 25% reduction in all-inclusive packages compared to the previous years. This is particularly true in Cancun and other destinations popular with the Americans.

Reason 2: Due to an increasing number of charters and airlines, prices are more competitive

The popularity of Caribbean destinations has also lead to an increase in the number of cheap airlines flying to the Caribbean. For a long time, the Caribbean was an overpriced destination for many people, but with increasing number of resorts and flights, prices are dropping down drastically.

Reason 3: Last minute deals will save you lots

Of course, if you have a flexible agenda or are retired, another great way to find cheap Caribbean vacations is to look for last minute deals. Some consumers have reported saving up to 80% on the regular price of a cruise or all-inclusive package to the Caribbean simply by waiting for a last minute deal. This is because, for hotels and airlines, it is more profitable to have someone pay for the empty seat or room than no one at all.

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