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Traveling To The Caribbean, More Affordable Than Ever

Great deals

January of this year has seen many great deals. 4 stars hotels in Varadero or Punta Cana were sold for previously unseen low prices. While many of these packages would have cost over $1000, they were sold for a fraction of that price. While 5 years ago it was difficult to find a good package two weeks before the departure date, today, consumers know that by waiting to the last minute, they can take advantage of absurdly low prices.

As a matter of fact, early birds deals that incite to buy long in advance to get good deals are not appealing anymore to consumers. Most buyers who have been purchasing cheap all inclusive Caribbean packages have rather been opting for departures within 3 days of the purchase day, including many that were leaving as soon as the day after they booked their trip!

Buy within 3 weeks

Many travel agents estimate that about 70% of their sales are done within three weeks of departure. On sale, of course!

The periods of the year with the lowest number of deals are during the Christmas holidays deals, during Spring Break and during the Easter holidays. Throughout the rest of the year, prices drop quickly, and consumers are well aware of it. They keep a close eye online via specialized websites, like one would follow their stocks.

Hence, while consumers would never call their travel agent twice a day, they can now, with the popularity of online booking websites, check for deals up to 10 times per day. And sales quickly follow the trends of the prices: when prices drop, sales increase, when prices start going up, sales quickly slow down.


So what causes this drop in prices? One of the main cause is believe to be the surcapacity of the tourism industry in the Caribbean. Some Caribbean destinations have lost their popularity, and were therefore left with too many empty rooms, forcing a drop in price to attract consumers. By domino effect, other parts of the Caribbean have to drop their price to remain competitive. The offer has surpassed the demand, and hotels are forced to drop their prices.

The future

Will prices keep dropping? It will all depend on the demand. Today, the Caribbean are more popular amongst North Americans. But if in the next few years, the demand increases in Europe or even in the Middle East, prices would go up again.

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