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Using the internet to plan your vacations

A new vacation destination can quickly become a real nightmare because of everything you need to prepare. It is why it is better to plan ahead. The Internet is a great ressource and offers a multitude of websites to help you plan ahead et make sure that everything is ready on the big day and to avoid bad surprises.

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Planning some vacations?

Whether it is to book the cheap all-inclusive package deal, to decide of the itinerary, to find how much it cost to rent car or to look for maps to complement your GPS, you can find great number of quality information on the web. There are plenty of great websites that can provide you with valuable information throughout the planning of your trip, whether it is a Caribbean, a European, a US or any international destination of your choice.

Using Internet to compare where you are going to stay

Maps are with no doubt the best way to compare the location of a hotel or B&B. Many hotels and B&B include in their website a map of their location that you can use to also zoom in or out to check out the surroundings. Look for those maps when comparing hotels, if you can’t find one on their website, make a quick map search of their location. You can also use those maps to look for nearby subways or trains. This will avoid you bad surprises. is a powerful tool to use when comparing hotels and B&B locations from the center of the city or other touristic areas. They allow you to check at an extremely precise level the surroundings of the area. To use Google Maps, first enter the precise address of the location or venue you want to check out. Then, you will be able to see what’s there : big streets, highways, trains, etc. With many locations, Google Maps has the incredible feature that allows you to zoom in at the picture level. There you can see the actual street and pictures of the building and the surrounding area. Google Map offers a very complete search, but be aware of the date the picture were taken. The building you are looking for may have been built after the picture was taken.

Using the Internet to compare the quality of staff and front desk service

So you know where you are going, and have narrowed your search for hotels and BnB to a few. Now, it is important that you go online and compare reviews. Watch out for fake reviews by the owner of the establishment. Look for several reviews, the more reviews, the more accurate it will be. It is also important that, on top of the overall review, read the last reviews. Remember that staff and management change over the years, and that a hotel that used to have bad reviews is now receiving decent reviews, and vice-versa. is a great website that offers numerous reviews on not only accommodations, but also on activities you can do in the area.


When looking for a place to stay, or reviews, try different keywords. For example, “best hotel in Riviera Maya”, “best hotel in Mayan Riviera”, “Mayan Riviera hotel”, “all inclusive Mayan Riviera hotels” and “bnb in Mayan Riviera” will all give you fairly different results. Big review websites such as or often show up first.

Tips, watch out for

  • names like Resort & Spa, Royal, Palace. Those hotels names are not always representative of the quality of the hotel
  • star rating, which is often an indication of the facilities of the establishment, but not always of the quality of the staff and reception.

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