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Top things to do in Costa Rica

What to do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a South American country bordered by the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean. The country is a real paradise comprising the most beautiful flowers and most exotic animal species. By choosing a Costa Rica inclusive resort, you will open yourself to a new world of experiences. If you choose to stay at a Costa Rica inclusive resort on your next vacations, you might be interesting in this list of must-do must-see to help you plan your stay.

1.The Tortuguero National Park is a protected area that contains an amazing network of canals. To get around in this national park, you have to navigate through the canals by boat. The canals are bordered by the Mangrove forests, an eden of wildlife. The park also comprises a 37km/23miles beach that is reserved for green sea turtle nesting. However, during the nesting season, from July to October, you can sign up for a tour and watch turtles lay their eggs at night, an unforgettable experience. Are you traveling out of the green turtles nesting season? Don’t worry, Tortuguero also offers other nature related sightseeing.

Tortuguero National Park is mostly navigable by boat. Photo by

Tortuguero National Park is mostly navigable by boat. Photo by

2.The Arenal Volcano National Park is a famous spot in Costa Rica. This volcano offers a real show of fireworks at nighttime. At the bottom lays a beautiful lake. The volcano and the lake provide plenty of eco-adventures and eco-activities, but also fishing and windsurfing. A thermal springs at Tabacón Resort Hot Springs offer a cool dip and this, any time of the day. The volcano roar periodically is quite imposing and exciting.

Arenal Volcano, a real firework show at night. Photo by:

Arenal Volcano, a real firework show at night. Photo by:

3.Whitewater rafting is probably one of th emost thrilling activity in Costa Rica. This trip will bring your through the rain forest and you can even opt for an overnight trip, where you will stay in a riverside lodge deep inside the forest. Beginners or experts, young or old, everybody will find a package that will suit them with calmer rivers or challenging ones.

Whitewater rafting, a thrilling experience.

Whitewater rafting, a thrilling experience.

4.The Canopy tours (Tree top) is another amazing way to spend a day in Costa Rica. Canopy tours are mostly geared to give you some excitement rather than giving you an informative and educational journey. Canopy tours are thrilling way to travel through the forest by sliding from a tree platform to another tree platform on a thick cable, attached to a harness. REMEMBER to carefully choose your canopy tour, as some of them offer more excitement, but by increasing the element of danger.

Canopy tours - lots of excitement and thrill. Photo by:

Canopy tours - lots of excitement and thrill. Photo by:

5.Manuel Antonio National Park is popular for its three white sand beaches and the variety of monkeys living in the forest. This National Park sits at the base of a mountain that stretches into the Pacific Ocean. Manuel Antonio offer a vast range of animals and flora.


Manuel Antonio National Park, an Eden of white sand beach and nature wonders

This list is far from being exhaustive, but should give you a preview of what amazing things Costa Rica inclusive has to offer.

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by: Henly Ng, choose a Costa Rica inclusive package for your next holiday

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