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This article was written on 17 Jan 2012, and is filled under To: Cuba.

7 Reasons You Should Visit Cuba

If you think that Cuba is all about inclusive vacations, rum and cigars, think again! Everyone who have been to that tiny island of the Caribbean agrees, Cuba is much more. Cuba is a small paradise where intersects scenic views, wild life, architecture and history.  Here are 7 reasons you should visit Cuba.

 cuba water 

1. The Ocean. The beloved blue crystal clear water of Cuba is probably the reasons so many tourists (and locals) are so in love with Cuba!

Credit: image by Geoffroy M.
cuba mountains

2. Scenic views. Although the island is pretty flat, the country is broken by three main mountains, which provide anyone who is willing to leave their resort for a day trip stunning views. One of the most popular mountain is the The Sierra Maestra, Cuba’s largest mountain range.

Credit: image by kooklanekookla
cuba crab 

3. Wildlife.  Being an isolated island, Cuba wildlife has been naturally protected and remained fairly untouched. To save this heritage, the government has created 263 protected natural areas, about 22% of the island.

Credit: image by drown
cuba diving 

4. Scuba diving. The magnificent marine life and the clear water surrounding the island provide a superb place for scuba diving.  If you’ve never dived before, with 500 species of fishes around the island, Cuba is definitely the place to start!

Credit: image by d.neuman
cuba sailing 

5. Sailing. Whether you plan to sail to Cuba or to rent a yacht there and spend a day on the sea, sailing in Cuba is always an incredible experience. A relaxing and exotic way to end a perfect trip!

Credit: image by Bert23
cuba havana 

6. Havana. Located on the northern coast of Cuba, this city, also the capital of Cuba, combines culture, history, amazing architecture and the best hot spots of the island.

Credit: image by Manu_H
cuba orchid 7. Flora. Cuba plants are widely diverse. Alone, on Mt. Cuba Center’s natural lands, a total of fifty-five species of rare native plants have been discovered. There are a lot of beautiful landscapes, which could not be made possible without all the floral diversity.

Credit: image by Dani Figueiredo

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