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This article was written on 29 Aug 2010, and is filled under U.S. destinations.

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U.S. destinations: Virginia Beach… more than just beaches!

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

Virginia Beach Fishing Pier

picture by : Jim Brickett

Three millions tourists visit Virginia Beach every year. Of course, its main attraction remains the beaches, but although the beaches are certainly a good reason to make a trip there, there are many good activities worth to do and see in the area.

Dolphin watching boat trips are always a must do and see. Same thing in the fall to observe, this times, the whales. National parks such as Falsa Cape and Back Bay Wildlife Refuge offer many activities in close proximity to Virginia Beach’s natural wildlife, including over 300 migratory bird species, ducks, utters, deers, foxes as well as over a hundred reptiles.

Avid fisherman will love fishing on the high seas or on the gigantic fishing pier. Virginia Beach deep sea fishing is great to fish marlins but there are tons of other fish species you can catch, like Blue Fin and Yellow Fin Tuna, Mackerel, Wahoo and much more.

The First Landing State Park offer great hiking trails through the beach, the dunes, the forests, the swamps and much more. Not too far from there, make a quick trip to Cape Henry Lighthouse, the first lighthouse built in Chesapeake bay, and relive the 18th century.

Rainy day? Not a problem! Visit the Edgar Cayce Center. Edgar Cayce was considered like the founder of holistic medicine, and rumors say that, while in trance, he was able to read any disease and to find natural cures.

In the past year, over 25 million dollars were invested to update the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. Seals, sea turtles, sharks, utters and an outdoor aviary are the fundamentals of what you wil learn about the Virginia’s Beach wildlife.

The Boardwalk is a great place to walk, rollerblade or bike. From there, have a look at many attractions, including the King Neptune statue holding his trident. This statue is hard to miss being 34 feet talls and weighing 12.5 tons!

Virginia Beach nightlife starts on Pacific Avenue, with numerous street performers such as musicians or magicians. Try one of the many restaurants, often located direcly on the beach! Try the area’s famous crab cake.

It is not by coincidence that you may see an F15 or F18 aircraft skip through the sky, as the Norfolk military base, the biggest in the U.S., is located not far from there.

If you have free time, why not hop on a cab or drive to Virginia Beach’s new downtown, very different from the Boardwalk, with its luxurious boutiques, fine dining, wine bars and show rooms.

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