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Top 10 Romantic Sites in the Caribbean

Looking for a great surprise for your significant other? Consider a trip to the Caribbean, home of some of the most romantic spots in the world. Lie back and soak in the sun, enjoy some intimate meals together, and do some sightseeing around the islands. Here are some of the most romantic spots to enjoy together.

1) Virgin Gorda, The Baths, British Virgin Islands

The baths are an unbelieable natural wonder of the British Virgin Islands, formed by massive boulders on the beaches. They form exotic little pools and grottos, perfect for adventurous couples to explore together. You’ll find hidden rooms illuminated with shafts of sunlight, and beautiful coral ledges when snorkeling.

2) Diamond Waterfall, Soufriere, St. Lucia

These waterfalls got their name from the spray off the falls, which leaves the impression of sparkling diamonds in the air. You can find these falls just beyond a set of mineral baths built by King Louis XVI in the Diamond Botanical Gardens in St. Lucia. An interesting note about the falls is that the water is extremely rich in minerals, and the rock face behind the falls can change color at any point due to differing concentrations of minerals.

3) Boca Tabla, Curacao

A set of beautiful natural caves carved by the relentless waves of the Ocean crashing against the rocky coastline. Sightseers can explore the area, and even climb down into the caves to witness the process first hand.

4) South Peninsula, St. Kitts

A perfect spot to spend a quiet afternoon together, these secluded beaches were (until recently) only accessible by boat. Although today, a highway makes them easily accessible they are still an excellent way to visit a relatively untouched piece of paradise.

5) YS Falls, Jamaica

Although often overshadowed by it’s more famous sibling Dunn’s Falls, YS Falls is also one of Jamaica’s most beautiful attractions. This secluded spot surrounded by lush rainforest features an impressive 7 tiered waterfall and magnificent wading pools.

6) Paradise Point, St. Thomas

Take the St. Thomas skyride and rise 700ft over Charlotte Amalie to the top of Flag Hill. From here you can enjoy what has long been considered one of the best views in the Caribbean.

7) Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The 2nd oldest European city founded in the Caribbean, this amazing city is teeming with history. Walk streets which have been used for over 465 years, and marvel at the Spanish colonial buildings which have been paintstakingly restored to their former glory. You’ll want to bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes to navigate the narrow cobblestone streets in this city.

8) Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

A leisurely stroll on the beach followed by a romantic view of the sun setting, the Caribbean was practically tailor made for sites like this. If you’re looking for a very quiet, intimate moment together, Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman shouldn’t be missed.

9) Considered one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in Trinidad, Maracas Beach is about an hours drive from the Port of Spain. Enjoy a relaxing day in the sun, and be sure to try the Bake and Shark huts, a native dish consisting of deep-fried shark covered in a doughy batter.

10) Natural Bridge, Aruba

One of the most wondrous sites in the Caribbean, but unfortunately the bridge collapsed on September 2, 2005. Fortunately, there is still a baby bridge nearby which you should see before it’s gone as well.

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