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Top 10 Romantic Spots in the Caribbean

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Don’t know where to spend your honeymoon? No problem! Here’s a list of the Caribbean’s most romantic spots.

Diamond Waterfalls and Gardens, St. Lucia Blooming with tropical splendor, these breathtaking gardens are part a 2000-acre estate granted in 1713 by Louis XIV to the Devaux brothers for their service to France. Deep within the botanical gardens you can find the Diamond Waterfalls, a cascade that leaves a spray of “diamond” twinkles in the air. For a small fee, you can slip into your swimsuit and enjoy a soak in the mineral baths originally built in 1784 by King Louis XVI of France to help his troops recuperate from wounds.

The Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands This national park features house-size boulders scattered about the beach and in the water. Ice-age eruptions caused these giant rocks to topple onto one another to form the remarkable saltwater caves we see today. Swimming and snorkelling in the pools around the Baths is great, and you can encounter a wide variety of fish here.

Y.S. Falls, Jamaica Tucked in a papaya plantation and reached via motorized jitney, these secluded falls offer honeymooners a quiet alternative to the far more visited Dunns’ River falls in Ocho Rios.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico Old San Juan, the original city founded in 1521, is dotted with historic buildings from the 16th and 17th century and rich with the atmosphere of Spanish conquistadors. The most recognized monument in Old San Juan Fuerte San Felipe del Morro, sits on a rocky promontory at the northwestern tip of the Old City.

Boka Tabla, Curaçao Boka Tabla is the largest of Shete Boka’s saltwater grottoes carved by the sea. Kneeling in the darkness of the sea cave, you can watch the crystal blue waves crashing against the rocks beneath a limestone overhang.

Negril Beach, Jamaica This white-sand beach stretches for 7 mi (11 km) and is considered as the best beach in Jamaica. Along the walk, you’ll find plenty of excellent beach bars and open-air restaurants. There is also a nude beach for those who want to bare it all.

Friar’s Bay, St Kitts Friar’s Bay is a long, tawny scimitar surrounded by crystal-clear waters and arguably St. Kitts’ finest beach. Surfing and snorkelling here is great, and you’ll find good beach bars serving inexpensive local food and cheap, refreshing drinks.

Paradise Point Tramway, St. Thomas Board a gondola and fly skyward to Paradise Point, an overlook with outstanding views of Charlotte Amalie and the harbor at a peak height of 212 m (696 ft). When you disembark, you can visit several shops, a bar, and a restaurant.

Maracas Bay, Trinidad A local favorite, this long stretch of sand is a real treat, offering visitors a full day of fun.

By Michael Young for Cheap All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation.

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